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My name is Romualdo, son of Romualdo the second, grandson of Romualdo, the first of his name. It would torture me as a kid, though I'm ok with it now. I was born in Eivissa in a run-of-the-mill November of 1989. I've never been interested in Rhetoric, but in the Truth spoken by Arts. For the last 10 years, I've reflected on the one thing I'm most passionate about: storytelling. I studied filmmaking, I took a full course as a cameraman, I became a photographer soon afterwards, I graduated from Comparative Literature and I defended my final dissertation about Primo Levi's works on october, 2017, within the framework of a Master's Degree in Contemporary Philosophy.


My field of expertise in multimedia storytelling is that part which makes us immediately connect and empathize with the stories themselves. So, what makes me different than any other filmmaker, photographer or writer out there?


I believe we overcame mortality by creating cyclical stories about life and death, joy and despair. The wrath of Achilles lies within us, ready to be ignited. We are put to test every single day as the weight Frodo Baggins carried to the fires of Mount Doom. We believe in Mulder's candid words: the truth is out there. We tremble before the grim nocturnal sky of Apocalypse Now and remember the whisperings of Kurtz in Conrad's hell. We are driven by the unsettling dreams in Lynch's universes and we would become platonic friends with Andy Dufresne once and again in the prison of Shawshank. I've studied, analyzed and interpreted stories through all optics and tastes, from neomarxism to formalism, historicism, psychoanalysis, sociology...

Always lacking something else, always reducing the art of storytelling to a simplistic formula, my current position lies within a holistic approach: we need to tell stories, because it's embedded within our core. We can’t escape it, nor ignore it. We use the art of storytelling to understand the way we are and explore the secrets of our intricate reality. The magnificence of Art lies in recognizing its overwhelming power: you can't reduce it to a mere theory. It's about the cosmic absolute. No matter what, we keep asking the same questions... Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

That's why my storytelling includes filmmaking, philosophy and literature. That's why I always drive my work towards the transcendental dimension that echoes, generation after generation. Life changes, as it's designed with the purpose of generating more life. Mankind, on the other hand, never changes. It's an eternal conflict of chaos and order, life and death. The story of that conflict it’s the story of what makes us human.